Packing & Shipping


Packing : product will be packed in industry standard 50Kg bags



Sugar will be transported in vessels of 12,500; 25,000 or 50,000 MT capacity.

Delivery will be as per Schedule prepared by Seller and Buyer, safe port safe berth, discharge at Buyers account, and full responsibility.

Standard industry 50kg bags, new polypropylene outer and polyethylene inner, with 2% bags provided free of charge, each bag is to be secured to ensure the safety of the sugar during ocean transport. The bags are to be marked with black characters as specified by the buyer/customer.

The buyer may require loading of vessel as jumbo bags holding 20-30 50kg bags as further specified and required by the buyer. The buyer must give reasonable advance written notice to seller.

Marking: Standard – English as specified pursuant to the mutual agreement of the seller and buyer.